Sven Syplie
born 1975 in Sweden. Technical business economist as well as several learned professions. Over 15 years experience in real estate investment, renovation, projecting, buying and selling. Over 5 years experience in projecting, marketing and managing tourism properties in EU countries. Founded three start-ups.

Passions are sports of all kinds and travel, as well as the capital and financial market. Languages: German, English and Swedish.
In business relations I focus on clear communication, reliability and trust.
Mottos: Live your life and One man one word.








Snjezana Binder
born 1973 in Croatia Split.
Professional education in Croatia. 20 years of experience in administration and personnel management in my medium-sized company in Germany. 3 years of experience in real estate brokerage and marketing in Croatia.
Language: Croatian, German, English.
My strengths are: Competent handling of bureaucratic processes in Croatia, deep knowledge of Croatian mentality. Structured, organized and efficient work in administration and personnel management.
Life motto: Idi putem kojim niko nije isao da bi ostavio tragove...